First Integration Meeting Detecting Mandragora


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Jan 10, 2007
Detector(s) used
garret 2500 + Eagle Eye and Tesoro Vaquero

10 00 ceremonial welcome participants of the rally by Stefan cat and a few moments for the "formation of a" circle of mutual adoration with coffee, tea and sweet refreshments.

10 30 Not boring, and maybe even an interesting short history of the village. Also, a few words about Mandragora-deliver a companion Martha Kaszub.

11 30 Common look at the emerging Park.

12.30 The Descent of forced labor exploration of the nearby fields.

15.30 Return of forced work in the field. Citizens questioning, searches and confiscation of the treasures by the Commissioner Rally ;-)

16 00 Manages the feasting circles of mutual frustration, and to raise the morale of the embattled provides for the possibility pobrzdękolenia guitar and NB-competitions with prizes!

* The program has a loose, please report any suggestions.

Information for those interested in overnight in local little hotels, boarding-on priv.

The participation fee of 20 zł / person.

Please confirm your participation by June 20.
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