Found Minerals on my Land!


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Sep 7, 2008
Inland NW
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Just wanted to share, I recently found a big mound of Tourmaline in feldspar matrix, in situ!

it's common black tourmaline, behind my barn. I invited my FIL and BIL over to work the ground last fall diverting surface water and breaking ground to build flower beds for a business. They were running a 310 excavator and a D5 dozer. My BIL was really excited after the fact and looked troubled, and when asked he said, "I was just looking at all the rocks on the ground but I couldn't get distracted!" :icon_scratch:

Several 6'-7' feldspar boulders were exposed and look promising, as well as an existing mound covering about 200sf. I guess I'll need to dig and see how large this deposit is.

I took a small specimen into a local rock and mineral shop, and THEY were visibly excited - pictures (of the rock, not the excitement) to follow!

Now I'm excited! :hello2:

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