🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Geologists, Ancient Egyptian Tool or Axe? or?


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May 26, 2010
This is another one that I have tried to satisfy my curiosity after having it over thirty years. It was with an old WW11 friend of mine that served in Europe and Africa. I have tried to contact Geologists knowledgeable with Egyptian weapons or tools. I have done almost everything I could find on something similar. It does attract to a magnet. It has a natural sheen to it. If I scratch it with a knife the sheen is still there. It is obvious the wear is from normal use. While my research came up with some ideas. I feel like it could very well be a weapon, tool, scraper, or axe. I realize in those times they did not have manufacturing. Things were invented by the ones using them for a purpose. I tried to compare with types of methods of fastening spear points, arrows, and axe heads. They used the socket method, and the sinew wrap method. I found an old rake handle end and carved a socket in wood that fits the shape of the mounting end. The shape made sense that it would not slide while swinging it. The sinew holds it so tight it hardly can be moved. From the pictures I am providing you will see what I mean. There was the bronze age. Then came the iron age. Iron would have been quite rare to use until they discovered how to forge iron ore. There is evidence to show that they did use meteorite for knives, axes, and tools. Now I am the end of ideas and maybe I am going too far with this topic? I have provided some research for viewing. Any help, Knowledge would be appreciated.


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Mar 10, 2014
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Hi oldbattleaxe,​

Being magnetic it could be made of Iron Ore, Iron Magnetite or I wond if it is Bronze?
It appeared that the back was flatten like a metal could be?

Here is a similar pic of bronze Axe used by the Egyptians.

Axe Egyptian.jpg

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