Getting closer to buying a polisher.


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Jan 11, 2023
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Makro Simplex+
I’ve had sone great input from previous posts and I appreciate it. Now I’m struggling with 2 issues. Possibly you can help again.
#1. Tumbler, double tumbler or vibration bowl?

#2. Noise is a concern. I don’t want to listen to a cacophony of banging 24-7 for weeks. I don’t expect silence, but would like to curb the “rock music.”
I’ve seen some Thumbler brand machines and like them, but still am unsure.
Here’s my expectations: under $250, fairly quiet, good results, easy to operate. I know they all take time to do a nice job, but quicker would be a benefit. I’m also a little confused on what polishing grits to use. There are a lot of choices. Thank you.

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