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Aug 8, 2008
The PAP in that series of articles was written by the front man for the base, Jim Eckles---who probably knew the truth, but made the statement that he would EAT any gold that came out of Victorio Peak ! In other words, he is a non-believer, who apparently has not been given access to the army's own files, or he would know better ! He serves the same purpose for the base that Jim Oberg does for NASA ! He is their apologist.........
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Dec 4, 2008
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I just tried that old link and it did not work.

Here is the new one (current as of May 17, 2011). I certainly realize this version of the story isn't necessarily one others want to believe. It does contain a great many sourced facts. If some disagee, a good place to start would be to point out where this author is mistaken.

From Part 4 "The 60's and 70's and the Scott Ranch:"

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Three books have been published on Victorio Peak and it is easy to tell one from another. They all refer to the peak by a different name. The first is The Curse of the San Andres by Henry James. This book was published in 1953 and may still be available. He calls the peak Soledad.

The second book is 100 Tons of Gold by David [Leon] Chandler. This was written right after Operation Goldfinder and is noted for Chandler´s gullibility. He seems to swallow whatever claimants tell him, hook, line and sinker. And he shows some paranoia by having the Army steal the gold about four different times. Just can´t get it right, I guess. He calls the peak Victorio and his book is probably out of print.

The third book is Treasure of Victoria Peak by Phil Koury. Koury was once Ova Noss´ lawyer and his book went on sale in 1986. It is still available and was being sold by the Ova Noss Family Partnership in January. The title tells you what Koury calls the peak.

Personally, I think Mr. Eckles is too rough on Mr. Chandler. I think that is a very good book. I don't believe the US Army "stole" the gold, however. I don't believe it was ever there. I also don't believe Wells Fargo is missing more treasure boxes than you could count on one hand.

Good luck to all,

~The Old Bookaroo

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