Great location! Forgotton civil war stuff!!



Evening folks,

If any one is interested, we have some spots here from the 1800's that are former watering stops for the RR during the mid to late 1800's. Every 5 & 10 miles were water stops and small army calvary squads that were detached there to protect everyone from indians, invading mexicans etc. also at these stops were passengers, travelers returning from and going to the goldfields etc. Now heres my question. because we find lots of stuff like buttons "troop G" 7th Calvary & more just what do I do with this stuff once I have found it? I am new to this stuff.

But remember!! Confederates went through texas into new mexico taking over all these stops and little posts and even on to Santa Fe!

So in this metal detecting club there is for sure lots of stuff for sale.

Anyone looking foe something particular just let me know.

Larry-El Paso

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