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Oct 3, 2010
Tyler, TX
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CTX-3030 10-04-13
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Metal Detecting
Has anyone ever seen or used the guide books that are put out by Kellyco for about $16? There is one for just about any state, there are a few that don't have one.....yet. It is supposed to have GPS coordinates, as well as maps, to good places (guess I should have put "potentially" in front of "good")..........battle sites, encampments, ghost towns, etc. Seems to me, if these places are all listed in a book, everyone already know about them and they would have been pounded by now. For instance, the Texas book has some 1150 sites: Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Books For Sale - Kellyco Metal Detectors .

So, what's the verdict? Anyone have an opinion? If not, I guess I will have to buy one and report back! For $16 or $17 bucks, I might be able to use it in the bathroom if the info isn't any good.........get some use out of it!!


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