had the right color


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Jun 4, 2011
cullman al
Detector(s) used
v3i/ xl 6000 pro/AT pro, Garrett pro pointer
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
Got this around 6 this am in ankle deep water
Had my heart pumping expecially when I picked it up and felt is weight
No stamps, markings anything. ..
The wife still took it tho:)
Nice Bracelet she says ha ha
My at pro the pinpointer button is wanting to start sticking under water. .. so
It may have to take the trip to garrett
Did find a hoop earring too possible silver.... will post pics in a bit of earring
Earring was chest deep
The new scoop works OK. .. but not getting enough flush from it. .. going to add several more 1/4 " holes in it to help ... other than that it was awesome


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