HARC 39th Annual Galveston Open Beach Hunt - Feb 27th 2021


Feb 25, 2017
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The 39th Annual HARC Open Beach Hunt will be Saturday, February 27th, 2021 at East Beach / Apffel Park, in Galveston, Texas. Again this year HARC will do the event in partnership with the Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs (TAMDC). During this fun filled day there will be 5 hunts. For the HARC hunts, 100% of the hunt fee goes back into the ground as targets or tokens. Tokens are redeemable for prizes which include metal detectors, gold coins, silver dollars, silver rounds, pin pointers, and other metal detecting or coin related prizes.

For more information about the hunts and prizes and to sign up see the attached registration flyer.
The TAMDC entry form will be posted on their web page (www.tamdc.org).

The hunts go on rain or shine. In addition to the hunts both HARC and TAMDC will run raffles.
Questions about the event contact Buster at 281-345-5899 or Byron at [email protected].

For more info and to sign up see the flyer / entry form

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