1. Not sure but I think it’s a gold suspender belt!?

    Hey found this stuff by an old farm stand! Pretty sure that’s a gold suspender belt!? Not sure though any thoughts!? I’ll have to scratch it
  2. Very old s type fuse in “GOLD”!?

    Hey found this by an old trading post a foot deep at least with the mine lab 800 crushing it as usual! Wondering what it is!? I think a type fuse thanks for any info!
  3. My 1st GOLD ring!

    I’ve been detecting for about 3.5 years now. I bought a vehicle off a elder gentlemen couple weeks ago & he gave me permission to hunt his property. He has only lived there a few years so he did it know much about the place. Super nice guy! Decided to go later in the evening to...
  4. Bahama treasure found near Walkers Key

    Follow along on Youtube with "The Outdoors with Carl Allen" Exploration Here is a few recent finds. August 2023. They bring up more every week or so.
  5. Is this a Spanish Galleon ?

    Hello everyone, after days of research I think I found my 1st ship of 12 Spanish Galleons sunk in my area. The manifest says it was a 2 mast galleon around 46 feet in length. Here is a picture for everyone to look at. Does this look like a 200 year old Spanish galleon to you guys ? Can anyone...

    Men’s 14k white gold. Don’t know the brand. First gold feels like I’m high 😂.
  7. Does the simplex make an iron tone for gold sometimes?

    I haven't been able to test any gold objects on my simplex+, but I'm wondering if gold can ever make an iron grunt or if it's fairly reliable that an iron tone will always be iron. Just paranoid about skipping so many 04 VDI iron tones. Does the simplex+ just make an iron tone for any target...
  8. My first GOLD thing!....and a pocket watch

    Well i finally got around to hitting the beach up this weekend. i am way more interested in historical items. But with the proximity of the fort being so close, i thought what the heck. It could be the best of both worlds. Since the state wont let me metal detect any where inside the historic...
  9. My best find so far this year 2023

    Hello Fellow Hunters, I had gone to are local Fireworks display put on by the city and was amazed by the multi city turn out it was good to see, well I managed to get back on 06July and ended up at the Soccer field I figured what the heck ground is moist anyways but I started finding deep...
  10. 14K Gold Ring

    14K Gold Ring

    9.8 Grams of 14K gold. Found while looking for bottles. I went looking for glass, and found gold.
  11. Gold Ring, Silver Ring, and Coins

    All from this evening. $1.52 clad coins, small sterling silver ring, big 14k gold ring In situ: 9.8 grams
  12. Brass or else?

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. Please I need your help to identify the form of this brass, and is it possible to melt it with a torch ( butane gas), thank you
  13. Looking for gold prospectors around Charlotte, NC

    Hello everyone, what a lovely community! My name is Lucas and I'm from Berlin in Germany. I'm working as a producer for a German TV show, that will be filmed in September this year in the U.S., Currently I'm looking for gold prospectors, who would be interested in taking us on a gold hunt...
  14. it’s a 10k Diamond Ring for the win!

    Took a new detectorist out to a local park to help him improve his game. We spanked out a ton of coins which boosted his confidence. Just after an hour at the park I struck gold with this sparkler. Any help on the hallmark makers mark would be appreciated. Cheers!
  15. First Hunt, SILVER SCORE

    First hunt this year!! Haven't been detecting for a long time. So pumped that my first night out was a success!! Any guess on age for this vintage looking silver ring? And what about this button? Please comment if you have info. Thanks!
  16. Found a 209 year old 14K GOLD Georgian era mourning brooch!

  17. Lost 20 franc necklace! Please help find!

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me? I have lost a necklace containing a 20 franc necklace whilst on holiday in France, near Perpignan. Sadly I had to go home, but have pinpointed a location it is most likely to be. Is anyone near this area that would be able to look for it with a metal...
  18. Middle East gold.jpg

    Middle East gold.jpg

    Found on a public beach in Kuwait
  19. Heckler Fabrication Trommel and Gold Claimer Hopper Feeder FOR SALE

    Heckler Fabrication 2410-V Trommel with extended sluice box $30,000 Gold Claimer Hopper/Feeder $20,000 (Willing to sell the combo for $42,000.) Includes 4" Diesel Pump with lay flat hose. Used lightly on weekends for 2 seasons. Found gold, but with work commitments, I had to hang it up...
  20. WWll Sterling Relic Found!!

    Hello folks! Was super happy with this 50 cent sterling ww2 pin I found at the thrift store today. I looked on ebay, and it's going for around 40-60 dollars. Not sure if I could get that for it. But still cool. Need some advice about this possible sterling spoon. There is markings on the back...