Help Evaluate (And Repair) Elias Ingraham Mantle Clock

Oct 10, 2015
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I'm new to this site and there are some great people on here that know pretty much EVERYTHING there is to know about antique clocks, so I'm hoping someone will share that knowledge with my situation.

I have this beautiful Elias Ingraham Mantle Clock that works just fine with one exception, it's chiming mainspring! As you can see in the photos, the mainspring has lost all tension and I cannot wind it for some reason.

Anyone able to explain what happened, how I fix it, and is it possible to fix for someone who knows very little (such as myself) about clocks without reading online?! Lastly... What would I expect to pay if I took it to a repair shop rather than risking damage by my clumsy (and impatient) hands?!

Thanks for your help folks! image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpeg

Butch from Pa here. It's a rainy day here so I'm just droning. Don't know if you are still watching your post or not, seeing the date is 2015. I was given a clock by an elderly lady some years ago similar to yours. Your looks a bit more on the elite side than mine. Mine wasn't working, so I took it to a clock fixer upper, a jeweler can point you in the right direction. My fixer upper said he had to send to Germany to get parts to fix mine. He had it for quite sometime, but It's works beautifully now and we've come to rely listening to the chimes. One thing tho if I may, make sure you level it from left to right. Front to back isn't necessary, as the pendulum needs to swing freely. Sometimes, it would rub against the box. The cost to fix it was $110. I'm sure you can find a clock repair service not far away. Always get a receipt as he/she might have it for awhile and welcome to TNET.


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