Help me to decide?

If I were you I'd hunt with each or your friends and borrow each detector. You will have an opportunity to see which one suits you the best. How well they perform, how heavy and balanced they seem while using.

Yep I agree go out and use each one to see which you like best. They all look good, I would lean toward the ace but try each one if possible.

I did try ACE but i can't try GTP and Pirate becouse both of my friends live far from me.

Don't go into this thinking those are your only 3 choices. I see ACE 250's going for much less that $250. on both Ebay and Craigslist. You might want to consider a Fisher F22 or F44 or the new Whites Treasure Master, or maybe even Technetics Euro Tek Pro.

I have a Whites Classic ID with display that I will sell ya for $170 and I'll throw in a Bounty Hunter Pin Pointer for free and ship for free.

I'm from Slovenia (next to Italy).

Loco-Digger makes an excellent point! Unless your intention is to help one of your 3 friends by making the purchase from 1 of them, thereby limiting your only available options to 1 of those 3 detectors. And if you buy from 1 friend, that leaves the other 2 out. I'm sure between good friends that won't be an issue, and that all of your friends simply want you to have a good detector to start out with (if you are starting out). Look at what other options are available to you in your price range. You just want to be happy with what you spend your hard earned money on. Of course, having said all that and being in agreement with Mr. Loco-Digger's point about options, I would normally feel more at ease about a purchase from a friend rather than a stranger. But whatever you buy, I hope you'll be happy with it, could mean the difference between becoming frustrated and dropping the hobby, or not. Whatever you get I hope you really enjoy it, good luck to you! Oh, and of course read reviews about those detectors, and the ones mentioned above too, can't hurt arming yourself with info.

If there is somebody (possibly from EU) who is selling metal detector in this price range can place an offer here. Of if you know some good (internet) shops.

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