HELP!!! Pendleton Oregon Pre Round up memerobilia?


Dec 22, 2012
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These Brass Ballarina on the moon pins were found in storage, They say 1900 Souvenier, Street fair and harvest carnival, Pendleton Oregon Sept 18-22. we cant find any information on them anywhere other than the packaging they came in was from Schwabb stamp and seal co out of Milwaukee. Does any one know any thing? The pin measures 2 and a quarter inches in height. It is Pre- round up for sure.


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Dec 30, 2004
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What else could you want to know? It says it all right there. :tongue3:
True, it does pre-date the Pendelton Roundup, first held in 1910. But that and the street fair appear to be intentionally overlapping every year, so I would guess the roundup helped draw people from further away to help the local vendors, etc.
If it's a value you're wondering about, you could try a very short "free trial" at WorthPoint (canceling after you get the info you want) to see what this one sold for: 1900 Street Fair Pin Pendleton, Oregon 111 years old (05/16/2011)...

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