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Not sure if this is the right place for this . .But it seems to fit what I am trying to bring attention to . In 1952 or 1953 Clyde Bolen built a dirt rack track in the middle of a corn field inn very rural south central PA His reason was he wanted to open a race track to provide local racecar owners a place to race what at the time where called stock cars or some called them modified race cars They went on over time to being the early beginnings of Nascar &Sprint car racing The track was called B0wling Green Speedway an was open from1952 or 1953 until 1957 I was born within a mile or less from the track during that time frame It was short lived but at the time it was the place to be on a Sat night or Sunday afternoon IN spite of the tact that Codorus township likely did not have 5000 residents living here the track owners claimed that up to 8000I people attended some of the events held during a quick few years The track closed due to cash flow issues and later the dirt track and the rest of the farm it was located on was sold through bankruptcy court One of my uncles that owner a large farm a joining the race track farm as it had become what everyone in the area called it Like the other farmers before him would plant corn on what had been the infield for the track . In turn 3 was a big pipe to allow runoff to go under the track And as it had been closed to racing the areas that where not being tilled to plant crops where reverting back into trees and brush and weeds My uncle would allow relatives to hunt for rabbits and pheasants This was in the 1970's of maybe as late as 1984 So one Sat. afternoon my older brother and one of our cousins went to the race track to hunt for a couple of ring neck pheasants I t was mid afternoon and we where hoping to get a few and have an enjoyable Sunday dinner . The picture was taken while standing on the track looking towards turn 3 If you notice the round shaped tree was growing beside the pipe I mentioned earlier The orange dirt was the clay that was hauled into build the track. As we approached the brushy area where the pipe was at it looked like a perfect spot for a rooster to be tucked into cover and trying not to be seen But his nerves got the best of him and he flushed And ARNIE made a great shot on the rooster as he was trying t gain altitude and vacant the aera .The ringneck dropped about 30 yards out And my cousin became part of the history of Bowling Green Speedway According to the records some drivers that raced there during it's short time in business where well known to the point of being famous But I bet a very few people claim they shoot a Race Track Rooster while he was making his escape out of turn 3 & 4 and heading down the front stretch for the finish line

Having trouble posting pictures Finally got two terrible pictures sent I am not sure if it shows on either of the pictures I sent but the remains of the outside of the track are still standing in some places


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