HOLDS UP A TRAIN FOR $65 IN LOOT September 1, 1909, Wednesday

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Dec 19, 2003
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HOLDS UP A TRAIN FOR $65 IN LOOT; Lone Highwayman Discards Gold, but Carries Off Bag of New Lincoln Pennies. LEAVES TRAIL Of MONEY Crime, with a Western Flavor, Takes Place on Pennsylvania Railroad Near Altoona.

ALTOONA, Penn., Aug. 31. -- Train No. 39, the Pittsburg express of the Pennsylvania Railroad, composed of two express cars and four sleepers, was held up and robbed on a lonely section of track along the Juniata River near Lewistown Junction about 1:30 this morning by a masked highwayman armed with two revolvers and sticks of dynamite. [ END OF FIRST PARAGRAPH ]


When Messenger HARPER, in charge of the treasure on Train 39 of the Pennsylvania Railroad, opened at the knock on the door of his car early Tuesday morning, he forgot to reach for his rifle. "He did not dream," one dispatch says, "that a train robber would have the nerve to operate in Pennsylvania"; but thought the jarring halt of the train was occasioned by a Wreck Shens. [ END OF FIRST PARAGRAPH ]


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