Hollow clay sphere approx 3 1/2" decorated with 27 crescent moons.

Gil Garcia

Mar 11, 2017
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This clay sphere seems to be quite old with a worn blue glaze, integrated into the surface designs are 27 carved or stamped crescent moons. A friend who's deceased father (an archeologist) left no trace as to where he obtained the object. I have contacted the archeolog departments of many universities through out the globe, including Max Berheimer of Christies Auction House in NY and head of the Antique Road Show head of Antiquities and no one has seen anything like it except because of the crescent moons some believe it to be Islamic. Are there anyone among the members who might know what this object is?



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Dec 24, 2007
Victoria, Texas
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I don't know the age of your's, but similar ones were popular about about 10 - 15 years ago and sold at places like Hobby Lobby.
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