1. Big Blue German Bennington Marble

    Was digging at one of my spots today and unearthed this big blue ceramic marble. It is 1.25 inches in size, and is the largest clay marble I have ever found. These big salt-glazed clay marbles were made in Imperial Germany by the millions starting in the 1870's. They came in several colors...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Ancient Roman oil lamps? Hoping for help with dating.

    Hello, this is my first time posting. I rescued a few items from the Goodwill outlet store yesterday, including these two pieces of pottery. Based on google lens and some eBay searching, the more oblong of the 2 seems to be a terracotta or clay oil lamp from the Roman Empire (maybe 100-400 AD?)...
  3. Dont know

    What is it? Found on friends property
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Dont know..

    What could it be..
  5. Clay Marble Hoard

    Clay Marble Hoard

    This is a clay marble hoard I discovered. It contained 34 clay marbles, 3 glass marbles, and several particularly round acorns and chestnuts (not pictured).
  6. Skull & Crossbones Poison Bottle, Huge Clay Marble Hoard, etc.

    Excavated all of this today: From one tiny area I dug 34 clay marbles, 3 glass marbles, and several particularly round acorns and chestnuts (two of them pictured bottom left in the picture above). I can only imagine the acorns and chestnuts served as marble substitutes. Some were so round...
  7. Clay Marbles

    Clay Marbles

    A couple of clay marbles I excavated on June 16th 2023. The large one on the left is a shooter which would have been used by children as the primary offensive piece in the game of marbles.
  8. Clay Pipe Bowl Fragment with Manufacturer's Stamp

    Clay Pipe Bowl Fragment with Manufacturer's Stamp

    This is a fragment of a 19th century clay pipe bowl. It is marked "Dublin Pipe No. 1" Found June 16th 2023.
  9. Two 1 Pt. Stoneware Whiskey Jugs, Clay Pipe Bowl, Clay Marbles, Silver Dime, etc.

    Did some digging last evening on the site of an old 1920's speakeasy. From my past excavations here it is clear they had a good time up until the summer of 1924 when the artifacts abruptly stop (last dated newspaper from August 24th 1924). Anyway here are some of the finds from my latest dig...
  10. Clay Marbles or....?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify what these are. I've found about 15 of them so far in my backyard in the city of Wyoming, Michigan. According to what history I could find about this area, there were Native American settlements prior to European arrival. The land behind my...
  11. Trying to find out if this is a clay pipe piece

    I’m trying to find out if this is a clay pipe piece..I found it on the beach in Petersburg, Alaska and I am pretty sure it’s part of a pipe...I just have no clue what it’s made of or how old it might be...any info would be awesome!!
  12. Pendant Found on Jersey Shore

    So I found this pendant while sea glass hunting on the Jersey Shore.. Any idea what it might be??
  13. Gerorgia Gold in clay clumps along stream banks

    Used to pan for gold about six miles sw of Dalonega, ga. many years ago and ran into a nice guy who was 3rd generation gold hunter. grandfather worked in the mines. Anyway he told me to always look for clumps of clay clinging to tree roots on the sides of the bank or even in the water when...
  14. What’s this?!?

    Was at a job site today and found these pieces. I picked them up as I thought they were out of place. Foundation just dug near Potomac river King George
  15. Please help me ID this pottery!

    I love this piece and was trying to track down the maker, but I have run into difficulty identifying the makers mark! Any thoughts? Thanks,
  16. Clay pitcher ID help please

    Hoping someone can help me ID this older pitcher. I am guessing it is made of clay but not sure. It has the number 232 on bottom. Item is about 8 inches or so tall. Thanks for any help.
  17. ✅ SOLVED ID Help - Clay figure

    Greetings, all. First time poster, long time lurker. I took a chance and bought this piece from a gentleman from Zacatecas, said its been in his family for several generations. The figure is approximately 6 1/4" tall and 3" across, definitely hollow. Any help identifying it, and whether or not...
  18. Hollow clay sphere approx 3 1/2" decorated with 27 crescent moons.

    This clay sphere seems to be quite old with a worn blue glaze, integrated into the surface designs are 27 carved or stamped crescent moons. A friend who's deceased father (an archeologist) left no trace as to where he obtained the object. I have contacted the archeolog departments of many...
  19. Strange Rock Found in Tuckasegee River

    Three years ago I saw what appeared to be a large gold nugget in a shallow section of the Tuckasegee River in Bryson city, NC. Upon picking up the object I quickly realized it was no gold but something far more interesting. I first saw the smooth side with two perfectly semi-circular holes going...
  20. Clay artifact with fingerprints? Found in Southern California

    Found here in Southern California, One hour away from LA. While metal detecting on a permission about year ago, I found this "item". Its one of a kind find for me and i happen to just dig it up while looking for metal. I have yet to get good enough info on it. It is a hollowed out like a...