How Would One Start A Metal Detecting Clubs


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Aug 27, 2006
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How Would One Start A Metal Detecting Clubs?


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Mar 23, 2007
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DDexpII, I'll let someone else comment on the question itself. But I must tell you, as a past president of a club, and attender/member of several others:

The day and age of brick & mortar clubs, is becoming a thing of the past. In the 1970s, '80s, and '90s, most big cities had metal detecting clubs. But by the 2000's up to now, a lot of them had declining memberships, and folded. The reason is simple: People nowadays do their chit-chatting, cross-educating, posting and boasting of finds, making friends, researching, etc.... all through the internet.

Contrast to the old days, where if you wanted to see the latest consumer reviews (dealer demo's and such), you went to an actual club meeting, and listened/watched a dealer demo. Or if you wanted to see what your friends were finding, you went to a club meeting. Or if you wanted to question others about a bug or idiosyncrasy on your machine, you went to a club meeting. If you wanted to buddy up with someone to hunt with, you went to a club meeting.

And as you can see, now all these things are solved with the clicks of buttons and mouses. Thus it becomes extremely hard to start brick & mortar clubs anymore. People satisfy their itches, to know things by simply turning on their 'puters, and going to geographically specific forums, and presto, they're there.


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Oct 26, 2004
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Excellent response, right on!!
Stamp collecting clubs are also now hard to find locally, if at all.
And in the near future, no doubt, coin clubs will follow on the way out the door, but will still remain one of the most popular hobbies--thanks to the Internet.


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Jan 30, 2012
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The first thing you need to do is find a lot of people that like detecting. HA HA HA :laughing7:


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Aug 27, 2006
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Very well put thank you all for your time. Maybe i'll start one online :sign13:


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Oct 31, 2005
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I was one of 4 people that created a local club 3 years ago. (3 year anniversary meeting is coming in April).

1 of the 4 dropped out after one or two meetings.

I would recommend finding others interested in doing work. Otherwise, you will be stuck doing everything while others do nothing. Nobody will volunteer to help with anything. If you aren't a hard working go getter that can keep people interested while you talk for an hour or two, the club will probably fail.

The bigger the city you are in, the easier it will be. If you are in a rural area, it will be tough, I would imagine.

Our club had fluctuated from 20-35 members at any given time. I think 12-22 or so usually show at meetings depending on the season.

If you don't have a place to hold the meetings for free, I imagine it would be tough. One of the founders is a church pastor, so we are lucky and have free use of his church.

There will be lots of drama and people that you upset over the years even when you are trying to make everyone happy.

If you have any specific questions I can try to answer them, but it's tough, and I wasn't the one doing most of the work. Without one of the guys that basically did 90% of the work, the club would have failed. I have referred him to this thread and he may come comment, but I don't know.


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Aug 18, 2008
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Tom's somewhat right, but we've not had difficulty at all maintaining a group (and a few drive a LONG way to participate). I was one of the 4 Bazinga is talking about above, and overall we've had a good time with the club.

1. Start looking for folks in your area that would like to see a club. Be aware that many do not want clubs because of how tough it is to balance a fun meeting and camaraderie with generating too much interest in the hobby where you're literally recruiting yours and others competition. If you make it clear that sharing sites and research will not be part of the club, you'll probably get more folks participating.
2. Find a venue. American Legions, VFWs, or Churches are good places to start. You need somewhere that you can bring dirty finds and not pay for the room.
3. Remember that it's like any organization. You'll most likely find 10% doing 90% of the work. Most people will consume what you're providing and not contribute. It's just the way it is.
4. One thing strange with the hobby - it tends to attract folks that are a tad sensitive so you have to be careful what is said and how it's said.
4. Draft some by-laws so members know what the club is about. A web site where folks can stay in touch definitely helps.
5. Contact Kelly Co and to post your club.
6. Plan a group hunt immediately (an inner city park is good since many won't go to them alone).

Shoot me a PM if you're serious and want to know what steps we took exactly.

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