I have found a cannonball and can not ID the type or date it


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Aug 6, 2003
Mc Allen, Texas
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I have found a cannonball and can not ID the type or date it was made.

I dug a cannonball here in South Texas last month. It looks more like a pineapple than cannonball.

I am sure it is an early form of a fragment bomb as it has serration?s all along the outside. It is about 5 inches wide, 8 lbs., has a brass cap with a copper center. I was talking to a collector who is in the business and he also has not seen anything like it. The 2? wide cap has been screwed on as it has scaring from a tool on its out side edge.

We believe it is from the French (Maxamillion) 1850-1860?s.

I also believe piece is still armed. I have it re burred on my own property, as I do not want to take any chances. I also need to know how to disarm a cannonball. I understand that there are a few who disarm as a hobby.

I am sure the local law enforcement or the government would do it their way. But I am not up for all that.

Here is the question Is there a sight or a cannonball expert out there that I could get in touch with to get an ID on it.

Have fun digging.


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