I may know where the Lost Dutchman's Mine is, please help me examine the area


May 10, 2024
I have a very good theory as to where A treasure is, in AZ, not necessarily the Lost Dutchman's mine, but it might be, or might be an unknown mine. I'm not saying where this spot is, I'll say tho that it is easily within CYCLING distance from town, maybe take an hour or two, maybe even thirty minutes away with an excellent dual suspension bicycle to get to. Here are my requirements if you want to go with me there being that I have no car:

1. You need to show me some social media account to talk to you through but so I can see your profile and see your personality. I don't want to end up with a Jack the Ripper type. Obviously you'll see mine too. If you're wondering why I haven't updated it in years it's because I'm homeless and have had nasty evil destructive stalkers and in one period it went on for EIGHT YEARS. It started back up again when cops it seems decided to send informants to harass me, that ended however after the George Floyd death disaster. Big surprise. But it's obvious from my profile I'm harmless and not vain too if you'd notice. There's no boasting on it like you'd find from a psychopath or destructive narcissist.

2. Obviously you need a car to come pick me up from the Vegas area and you'll either have to have a trailer or van with a bathroom as I'm disabled and don't want to have to have to run to a bathroom and end up tripping or making a fool of myself. Maybe you could just rent a trailer or van.

3. I have my own bicycle and it only has front suspension but it's designed for offroad and works fine but you need to pay to have brakes ATTACHED to it (I have my own), and it will prob take a bike shop a day to put on if they are busy or you could pay someone via Craig's to do it right away. I have an electric scooter for offroad BUT I discovered it sucks because the tire style is so horrid it cuts into soft dirt and you'd leave a massive dust trail and be wrecking the environment unless (supposing you had an electrician figure out why the rear wheel won't turn...) swapped out the 11" tires on it. It's also ridiculously unstable because it is way too high off the ground but if you're a a machine shop expert maybe you can figure out how to lower the center of gravity on it, even modify it so the motors use bigger tires, then it would be an awesome scooter. If you can and would do that for me I'd give you a $300 unused Nuvinci hub bike shifting system with the shifter system. It's way too heavy for me to use so I never had it installed. If you live in an area without steep hills it's a good hub, or if your bike has a front motor and you are sick of your chain stuck or derailleurs breaking, it's a good hub for you then. Would probably cost you $150 to have a shop install it tho since a wheel has to be built around it, but I have the proper rim for it too so you can have that too. It would need to be a bmx type bike if you want to use it.

4. I have tents, good ones, three, so if we decide to camp out, I can supply. I also have all kinds of survival stuff, woks, a propane stove, griddles, solar panels. If you have an electric car and are electrician smart, you could perhaps figure out how to combine my two solar panels (and fix the usb/solar controller part of a third one to get it working again) and divise some system that can combine the two or three so you can recharge your car (if no one with a van or trailer will help out). I think if you pulled it off you would get a max output of at least 100 watts for a few ours. That would at least keep an electric bike etc charged up and battery generators. I don't have CB radios tho. I did, but water destroyed them.

5. Supposing my spot turns out to be fruitful, but will take work to recover much from, I'm willing to stay a week doing the work but that is it. I have three cats to feed.

6. The weird part: I have a pet disabled chicken (but do have a carrier) and she needs to come with me. I am friendliness in Nevada and I don't trust anyone to take care of her. If you don't want to smell her stink output, ahem, just help me feed her chicken feed and get some neutral smelling cat litter. Fragrances will crush my brain, and also so, please don't use fragrant anything around me, not bleach not car stuff, not leather smelling spray, cologne, perfume and especially not bleach or detergent. I'll get sick.

7. Please, kindly don't play your preference of music around me, or political radio, or sports, nothing. I have headphones, so, if you insist, you'll be listening by yourself.

8. If you help me get to the local food stamp place so I can renew my benefits, I could get us a food supply.

My email is cheetalynx at that most popular of emails. If you can't figure out which email provider, you probably aren't the best one to help me out.

1) Darn! I flunked the test. I only got two right. :unhappysmiley:

1. Too bad too - I was hoping my disabled chicken was going to meet a new friend. I think she would really benefit from knowing that not all disabled chickens end up in the Colonel's deep fryer.

2. She's been brooding about that for quite a while.

2a.1 She won't even get in the car at this point.

2b.a She used to run right to her car seat if I got anywhere near the car but now she runs the other way and I'm pretty sure she mutters something about Kentucky Fried cackle or something.

3.) I've been worried about her mental health.

C) With only two functioning brain cells chickens really suffer when one of them isn't working quite right.

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