🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Is this a farm machinery part?


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May 15, 2019
Nova Scotia
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Another interesting piece from the old family farm. The first building on the site was in 1866 - the farm operated until the late 1960's then was abandoned. This part was found in an old dump on the property. My first thought was that it was a part of a plow but I really don't have any idea. It is 13 3/4" long - the curved bottom part is 2 3/8" wide and the shaft is tapered - about 1" in diamter at the bottom and 3/4" at the top with some serious wear marks in the middle.


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Sep 27, 2020
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I,ve seen one of those next to a kerosine lead melting heater and pot in my Grandads shop.I,m going to go with Alloy II on this one. Often used to tighten up the lead packing on older cast iron pipe junctions,before the rubber gaskets used today.
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