Is this the back of a Dalton point? Found in a Mississippi creek.

Patton Hudson

Apr 23, 2024

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What is the prices on these guys? And is it real stone or a resin. I might have a few myself I’d like to get done
Bushey uses resin of some sort and paints them to match. I haven’t sent any in for a long time. No idea on recent pricing. This is a Harrison Turkeytail that he restored quite a few yrs ago. He restored upper half.

Dang Todd that's a beautiful point. 😍
It’s “Todd’s Point”, just like my user name. Actually, Todds Point is the town where I live. My name is Gary.🤣
The guy that found it lived near the OH River in Harrison Co.(RIP) He had a 5 gal bucket of broken turkey tails. He let me pick one out. He also had whole ones but wasn’t giving those away. He took me around Harrison Co looking for flint balls to knap. He knew everyone and we got on private with lots of flint. We ended up with 20 5gal buckets with at least 50 lb per bucket. Those were good times back in the 90s.

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That is a fine point for sure.

I have had relic restored by Scott Stoneking, his web site is

He restored a 15-inch spud i found at a farm sale. Broke clean in two. You could put the two halves together and the seam was tight. His work is very good.

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