Iwo Jima colorized transparency


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Apr 20, 2007
Mertztown, Pa
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I acquired this at an estate sale in a brief case full of other various items. Pretty sure it was either a collector or former employee of wide world photo inc as there was a lot of photos etc. from them.

I tried to get it appraised at a local upscale auction house, while they admitted it had value, they were uncomfortable giving it a proper appraisal. I'm not looking for a value necessarily but as much info or where to go to get the info as possible. I'm trying to find what generation it is (copy, copy of a copy, original colorized transparency etc.)

Also in the same brief case were negatives in a similar titled envelope of Johnson and Eisenhower inaugural parades.

Terry Soloman

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May 28, 2010
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Very cool. Good luck with it! :skullflag:

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