Lamero,Crews Tavern and Ferry

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Nov 29, 2005
Lamero,Crew's Tavern and Ferry

In John Lair's book Rockcastle Co.Roots he says that James Crews 1807-1862 built and operated Crews Ferry for many years on the Rockcastle River above Lamero Ky. and just below the mouth of Horse Lick creek. This ferry serviced the Madison branch of the Wilderness Road, known at the time as the "Old State Road" over which there was an established stage coach route for a number of years. Crews also operated a tavern and a livery stable. He also maintained stock pens for livestock being driven overland. I wonder if the community named Cruise in Laurel county is an alternate spelling of Crews. It is my understanding that this branch of the Wilderness Road forked off from Hazel Patch and went accross Wildcat Mountain. The other fork went up Skaggs Trace to Crab Orchard and beyond.
When Ken Cromer's family of Lexington Ky lived in Hazel Patch in the 1930s and 1940s their house was located on the site of John Farris'tavern near the old Woods Blockhouse and the forks of the old Wilderness Road. Ken's older sisters and brother used to go out and look for old money every time it rained, apparantly travelers dropped coins that went through the floor of the old building. They found everything from the old quarter size pennys, half cents,and silver coins from the 1700s to indian head pennys of the late 1800s. I would assume that a lot of traffic came over this road in those days. I would like to hear more about the history of this area if anyone has anything.

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