Let me tell you how great Keith @ Fort Bed is


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Feb 5, 2014
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So let me tell you a little story.

I called Keith on Wednesday 7-13-2016 at about 8Pm while i was on vacation in Florida. We talked about a ctx 3030 and discussed the new vs the older model. I told him i would give him a call in morning bc i was driving to buy the detector.

Thursday 7-14-16. I called Keith at ab out 1pm bc my wife had reminded me i needed to call and pay. At this time we were on the beach a ways away from my car and wallet. Im called keith and told him that what was going on and i for sure wanted the detector but it would be a little bit before i could get him the info. He sent me a message a little bit later saying that he would set one back and call whenever i was free. I was able to call later that night and order. He informed me that he was packing and was leaving very early in the morning and the detector wouldn't leave until Monday. I was ok with that as i was in no rush. I then received a message a couple hours later and he said that he was having one drop shipped directly from Mine lab as the location was closer to me.

During the time from Friday to Tuesday 7-19-16 i had been contacted by Keith wanting to know if i had any question or needed any info before the detector showed up.

Tuesday night. I got home from work and there is was. My long awaited friend waiting for me to open her up. I opened the boxes taking my time very slowly to make sure everything was good and all was in order. I looked it over and started to assemble the unit. When i went to install the lower shaft in the upper i had a lot of issue with it sliding. It would go in about 8 inches and then stop. I then tried for the next hour trying to figure out what i was doing wrong or if there was an issue.
At about 9 i called Keith and he actually answered and greeted me by name. I told him what was going on and we spent about 45 min to an hour going back and forth trying to nail down the issue. He said he would contact mine lab first thing in the morning to get the issue resolved.
Wednesday 9am. I sent Keith a message just checking in and he informed me that he had not heard back from the message he left with mine lab. At about 12 Keith called me to tell me that they wanted to send me out a lower shaft even tho he and i both were very sure that it was the upper shaft and not the lower shaft.
About an hour later Keith called me and said he was going to send me a whole new unit bc he felt that the lower shaft wouldn't fix the issue. I agreed and told him he didnt have to do that and i didnt want to put him out of a machine. He didn't have time to talk about it as he only had about 30 minutes to get the unit packaged and dropped off or it wouldn't go out that day.
About 45 min after that i got an email stating that the package had been dropped off and i was to expect delivery Friday 7-22-16.

Keith then called me back later that night and explained he had assembled the detector to make sure there were no issues at all.

Fast forward to Friday 7-22-16 i get home and there is my new baby. I open it all very slow same as first time and have it all assembled very quick with no issues what so ever..

SOOOOO the moral of this story. Ordered on Friday and within a week i had received 2 new detectors bc of an issue when it didn't have to be done that way. Kieth went WELL ABOVE and beyond anything he had to do to help me.
He could have simply referred me to Mine-lab and let them handle the issue. No telling how long this would have taken.

No i am not saying he would ahve done this for anyone and everyone but of course he did have all my credit card info if thing went crazy and i was trying to scam him. Every issue is different.

This is not my first purchase from him.

I HIGHLY recomend Fort Bed Metal Detectors for any purchase you have. Very stand up guy and a very great company. I can not say enough good things about him!!!!!!


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Jul 21, 2008
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Thank you sir for being a patient customer while we worked out the problem with your new detector, and I'm happy that we were able to correct this quickly and get you out hunting. :)

We all look forward to seeing your posts of what you are able to find with it this summer!


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Nov 1, 2011
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hi; I to have had nothing but Excellent Service from Keith at Fort Bedford detectors myself. That is why he is my main Dealer. Great guy. I recommend him anytime. PEACE:RONB :icon_thumright:

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