Looking for some ideas to improve my Keene highbanker..

Vance in AK

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Feb 15, 2010
Kenai, Alaska
Detector(s) used
Fisher GB II. Whites GM II.
OK guys, I put this ting together years ago (well over 10) & have only got maybe 5-10 hrs real run time on it so I'm still figuring it out....
It's the pervibial A-52 conversion with Keesn black hopper & 2.5" dredge conversion. I have the dredge riffles in it along with the Keene sluice extender.
I put a piece of aluminium plate in the back (away from sluice) side of the hopper making the lower wall a little taller so I don't loose so much water out the back.
I modified the original grizzly to a flatter angle.
I put a plate in under the grizzly & at the same angle as the grizzly that directs the material to the very upper end of the sluice rather than dumping straight down through the grizzly.
I have about 18" of .25" punch plate at the head of the sluice.
The upper 2' of sluice has a carpet that has ribs going accross that are about .25" high, the rest is Keene carpet.
I get pretty fair recovery (meaning down to flyspeck stuff. Never panned tailings though).
I'm currently running a standard Honda WX-15 (just had it on maiden voyage, only a few feet of lift, single 25' 1.5" hose). Used to use an old 3.5hp brigs with a small 2" cast iron trash pump. All VERY heavy & OLD.

My issues...
I'm getting a large buildup of geavel on top of the punch plate. Have to clean it by hand.
Still getting a fair amount of water out of the back of the hopper due to design of spray bars & hopper.
Dredge also blows a fair amount of water out the back.

I know I need to put in a damper flap
Am considering going to a single 1.5" spray bar accross the rear (end away from sluice) to redirect the water, maybe get a bit more volume, & have the water force trying to hold material in the hopper. I believe the old Gold King was that way.
Should I loose the punch plate & just put in expanded in the top 2' of sluice to hold the carpet down?
Should I put grate or hardware cloth accross the current hopper that will clasify down to .5" or so (not big nugget country around here on the Kenai Peninsula)?

Looking for any ideas or suggestions.

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