Lost CW cannon


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Apr 23, 2003
In my county supposedly during the Civil War, some confederate troops were fleeing a distant battle and while coming over a mountain, hid at least one cannon. This is more than a tale, I have read about it in historical texts as well.
Supposedly, some old guy my friend knows has seen these cannon (they are at the top of a mountain) and talked to the forest service about it; he didn't like the answer they gave him, so he never revealed the exact location to anyone.
Anyway, I know which mountaintop they are on, and I have narrowed it down to perhaps a square mile, and maybe further, through the study of old roads and topography.
The moral of this story is: Old tales like this are FUN, but probably not completely true Swingin' the detector on top of a mountain on an old road with friends will be fun regardless of wether or not we find cannons. (I think our chances are somewhere between .0001% and 0.0)

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