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Mar 30, 2020
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I'm not too happy with Minelab. The Manticore release feels like a bit of a publicity stunt. It's obvious the Deus II release has caught them sleeping and will chop into their sales. Plenty of Deus stock and good initial reactions from the field. Days ago I wrote to the Minelab Headquarters down under and asked if they could please narrow down the actual release date to the nearest season or year. 2022? 2023? Winter? Spring? Summer! I've heard nothing back. Why should I plunk down the cash in the unknown vortex of the pre-order when my money could be working for me elsewhere? Maybe Minelab has gotten a little cocky from selling boatloads of Equinox. Maybe Deus is hungrier with a drive to innovate?

I've used my Nox 800 for over two years with success. I've suffered through a set of broken coil ears and a dying battery. My rod wobbles but so does the planet on axis. I just bought Andy Sabisch's latest Equinox Series Handbook to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything (great book but it turns out I wasn't). I don't want to switch platforms but do want to try something newer and possibly a little better. In 2022 I hope.

I did just order a complete carbon straight rod in red\black from Steve's. He's very helpful with fast communication. An excellent product that I'm eager to use. I'm pairing it with the Equinox Folding Control Box Adapter from Detecting Innovations (Tele-Nox) so that I can carry the unit into the field in a medium backpack. I've replaced my Nox 800 battery and bought the PWR-NOX external battery. So in lieu of waiting who knows how long for the Manticore or buying the Deus II instead I will have a new detector feel. All I need is a new out of the box smell.

As far as the testing goes I would like to see someone arrange a series of targets so that quickly passing over them actually plays a song. Tempo is important. If you can play a song this way and then get it to say "Paul is Dead" by moving it backwards I will definitely vote banner.


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Sep 29, 2018
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Two good points. I have the cf rod but the folding control box adapter is genius.

With Steve’s customer service, work ethic and fast communication why isn’t he heading up Minelab?

That song idea is great!

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