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Sep 27, 2020
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Try...Track of the Wolf...they have everything.........or Dixons muzzleloading shop in Kempton, Pa.
I just tried the link and went right to it. For the Minnie balls get you a Lee mold in the desirable calibers, a ladle and small cast iron pot and you,ll never have to worry about bullets again. As you gain experience casting you can try different bullet styles with different molds if you wish.The variety is just about endless. Lee molds are aluminum and not all that expensive. Many mold makers out there! Search cast bullets or bullet molds and you,ll get a great many hits for makers. Good thing about muzzle loader bullets is you cast them from pure lead,no exotic alloys as in handgun and rifle bullets.


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Jan 30, 2013
Las Cruces, New Mexico
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clicking link should bring you to there site
unless you are on a work computer - which usually locks out anything with guns
I have lead and a pot. I have a couple hundred Buffalo Ballettes they shoot great in my 50 cal i traded for a 54 cal because obama told Mexico not to let 50 cal across the border. I have enough for this falls hunt if there is still a border this fall but like everything else I want a stock pile


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Jul 23, 2019
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I used to spend hours going through Dixie Gun Works catalogues mid to late 1970's. I finally had someone make me a Pennsylvania long rifle from scratch....bought the parts, he built it. It was for Rev. War re-enactments....completely accurate accept you could not get a swamped barrel like they made them in the 18th century.

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Feb 3, 2006
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Another vote for Track of the Wolk. Though I have used Dixie Gun Works as well.

I get my blackpowder from

Graf & Sons ( is good for primers (I get most of my centerfire goodies from them as well).

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