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Jul 8, 2014
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Rolex Datejust 16014, 36mm, 18k fluted white gold bezel, stainless steel jubilee bracelet
Picked at a garage sale from a guy that accidently smacked it against the side of his pool. Crystal cracked and watch took on water. It has severe water damage and will likely need several thousand dollars to restore. I'm going to get an estimate from the Rolex service center in Los angeles to completely restore it and I will be keeping it. In good condition they go for around 5k on ebay.


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Jan 16, 2013
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Great find and I hope to see it posted all back to good clean working condition.

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Jun 6, 2016
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Well one thing is for certain....if you send it in to a certified Rolex dealer for will come back in excellent as new condition !! Congratulations sir !!


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Feb 28, 2015
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If it took on pool water and it was not addressed immediately you are in for a big disappointment. Speaking from experience. I did the same this and it ate the winding rotor in the 2 days it took to the repair shop. I would have it looked at by someone other than rolex first. It will save you money especially if it is totaled Rolex will charge you no mater what. If you need a good rolex guys I have one in Orange county. PM me for his name and number if you want Still a nice find Hope it was cheap THe case and band by itself are worth money. You should be able to source a complete movement for that watch if this one is totaled. Rolex will not do that for you BTW

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