My first Double-Double!


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Jan 31, 2015
Baltimore, Maryland
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My first Double-Double!

Back to the So. Baltimore park on Thursday amidst the occasional rain. An early downpour chased me back in the truck, but soon I was back out detecting. After a slow start, the coins and better targets started coming. First silver was the 1909 Barber quarter, the next silvers, in order, were 1925 merc, 1899S Barber, and the 1939 merc for 2 Barber quarters and 2 mercs in one day. Never had a 4 silver day. I happened to be digging the second Barber when my friend John came up from behind and said "You leavin' anything for us poor folk?". John had his drought of Barbers break recently finding a quarter and dime in the same hole, so congrats to him!
Four wheats came out of the ground today, earliest being 1919.

A dateless Buffalo was found.

The old-style suspender buckle and a "what-is-it" are in need of your input.

Thanks, as always, for your feedback.

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Holy smokes... that is a very nice haul. Congrats!

Nice batch of goodies! Congrats!

Beautiful barbers and Mercs. Must be a unhit spot you have. Usually quarters go first and early. Congrats

Great job there McCDig of seeking out those silvers !!! :occasion14:

Great set of coins !!!

(usually the only kind of doubles i ever find are cheeseburgers at McD.)

Wow...usually that many nice finds only come from a virgin homesite. Incredible that you found that many keepers at a park. I was going to ask if you were in a small town, but went back and saw you were in Baltimore. If I had to guess, I'd say probably a small neighborhood park? Good job!

Thank you for sharing your hunt and those pictures with us .

Sweet hunt neighbor!! Get motivation for us Marylanders to keep swinging.

nice hunt with some great coins, that buckle is very nice too!

Doing a grid hunt, so I should be maximizing my hits. The wet ground conditions may have helped signals. Working around trees has been productive.

It seemed like they were "seeking me", yesterday!

This park was a battery during the War of 1812. Eventually a neighborhood grew up around it. The city of Baltimore purchased the land in the late 1800s and turned it into a community park. There was originally a large fountain near where the community pool is now located. The area I'm detecting has minimal fill. Interestingly, every now and then when I dig I hit a dense layer of oyster shells.

Hope to be swingin' early tomorrow morning at Clifton Park.

Very nice finds. Not sure what the "what is it" is. But congrats on the Barbers, I finally found my first one. beautiful coins. - HH!

Wow, that is some fine silver, like the Barber's...

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