My hearing is off


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Mar 30, 2009
Cibolo, TX
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I have an excalibur II. I have been out a few times but I keep digging alot of aluminum, I know its pretty common. My buddy has one as well but I dont seem to do as well, He is experinced but tells e my detector is fine. I get very erratic sounds as I sway back and forth. I am getting so frustrated as I see him cleaning house. We detect on the beach. He seems to find stuff all the time. Does anybody have an excalibur that has any tips?
I love it! although I an new, but it gets frustrating to watch him dig finds while I dig aluminum.

Any help would be great!

Newby Bob


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Aug 17, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
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I think you answered your own are new at this. :thumbsup:

Trust me....probably MOST of us, when we first started detecting, dug tons of trash compared to goodies.

Even cheap detectors have a learning curve of some sort....especially when it comes to what the sounds are telling you.
The problem any experienced user will have giving you a tip is how does one explain sounds and what you should listen for?

Try making yourself a test garden. Bury a variety of coins and junk....detect them...over and over and over....until you can identify the unique qualities of each target.
Does it crackle, does it hit sharp....does it sound slightly buffered, does it only detect one direction, do you get a double blip...

There are as many variations to targets as there are metals and items to be found.

The other thing is that you should detect what your buddy is detecting...before he digs you can learn what he apparently already knows.

Patience is going to be your only real answer.


Welcome to the hobby...


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Jun 3, 2006
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Give it time!

1. Don't sweep to fast. 2. Try your Sen.@ 12:00 o'clock for a start point. 3. Dis.@2 throw some target's down and get a feel for the sounds. And it is a good idea to dig everything at first, with a good scoop it is easy digging! Good hunting hang in there. Tom


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Jan 4, 2007
George West, TX
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discrim at zero unless you are running into lots of large iron or nails, or trash. Sens. at 12(which is mid way) if your threshold is erratic and it seems to false then back off until its stable. Set your threshold where you can barely hear it and the back off just a hair.

Dig signals that might sound iffy or broken if after the pass the threshold comes back on really high, it usually is a good target but deep.

If you are detecting on dry sand, then you are going to find the junk more so then if you are detecting in the water. The most important thing is to learn the machine and that takes many many hours of relentless hunting. Soon you will see your finds are getting better and better, but don't expect much until you have some serious time under your belt. Stick with it.

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