naples,fl disabled desperate 4help finding lost in easy small area REWARD

Nov 30, 2014
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Hello, I am a former h.s. science teacher who is unfortunately disabled now from a misdiagnosis of cancer and was wrecklessly used as a guinnea pig for doctors experiments. Anyways,after 5 years looking for cure had to find activity that let me be outside and started aerial photography since no longer could walk much and no dextarity in my hands. The most awful thing happened and my gopro camera fell off in a small searchable area (beautiful scenery) but I don't have strength to use my metal detector or bend over to look. It is on land that nobody ever goes and would think an experienced detector could find in a jiffy. I can hardly live on disability and with loss of camera I'm stuck inside all day again. I can offer you a reward, give secret knowledge of a few ghost towns local and will do aerial video and photos of an area u want to explore or while your at really gives you such a better sense of area than google. Or free photos for your needs. Please e-mail me dermaltat. AOL or through this site although I don't know how that works thanks I pray everyday for no rain but know the area is sheltered from rain I can also provide friends to help. They tried but have no patience.

I think your email address is wrong. Never mind I figured it out

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You might as try the lost my stuff group, Google it.

Go to and call a member close to you.

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