Need a penny , Leave a Penny!


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Feb 4, 2011
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I always look in the penny pot left near most cash registers.. if I find a penny i like I always leave one in it's place or even two or three for one... I always get Hye? why are you looking through the pennies?. I always state I just like to look at the different pennies.. The lady at the local thrift yelled at me me the other day .. Hey why are you always looking in the penny pot? I just ignore her... She would crap if she knew I have found over 3 1972 double Die pennies in there at different times ... 1972.jpg1972ddo.jpg:skullflag:.. ha ahaaa .. I had them certified worth about $500 to $750 each ... Keep yer eyes open at all times! you'all!

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Amazing! I will definitely keep my eyes open the next time I pass one!

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