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Mar 19, 2003
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Hi there, some beauties there, I have limited knowledge on bottles but can try to help with a few, in fact I have a few similar.
Top pic far left is a "Torpedo whiskey" bottle, they had a few that were for beer as well, but clear and aqua was generaly for whiskey, the idea was that once the bottle was opened it had to be drank, couldn't set it down. 2nd from the right I have seen before and may be a hot-sauce (pepper sauce bottle. Small one is a medicine vial, more commonly called an opium vial, had a cork stopper at one time, was prolly filled with a snake oil cure all or something to cure a hangover. The small 3 fingered flask on the right is a beauty, never seen one, your guess is as good as mine.

On the bottom picture there is a mixed bag as well, the green bottle, Does it have a doctor's name embossed on it? Looks like a local prescription bottle I saw on E-bay one time. Some pill bottles and a a neat looking medice few on the far right, any liquid measurements on them?
Good looking collection, Chris



ya the green one is a nonome bitters bottle,theres a repro exactly like it but the one i have there the seems going uo the bottle dates it to be around 1870-90's...another piece that you really cant see in the pic is a 1897 royal milk pint jar...i never seen one before..
the 3 fingered bottle i still have no info about but it dates 1890's due to the seems....but thx for the info ......

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