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Jun 4, 2003
I was hunting a known CW campsite a couple of months ago.? I found this along with several minnies and fragments.? Is it a button?? It's very heavy for it's size, which is 3/4" in dia.? It appears to be steel around the whole thing (that part you can see that is almost broken off).? The inside of it appears to be pewter or some other heavier metal.? It has a white patina around the center but I really don't think this part is lead because it's too hard.? It has the number "38" a line just above it, and upon closer inspection some sort of insignia above the line, oak leaf? crown? small eagle? letters? something.? Any help will be appreciated.


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Jun 10, 2004
??? Dodgers11,I to have found an item a time back with some CW finds and have posted before.Ihave yet to come up with any information.May not be any thing alike but they do look similar to me for what ever the use except the markings.Item has #169 on one side with line and letters k&h on the other. I think it is lead aswell becouse of the weight.It is worn like a coin to one side.Best of luck on your search,SSee attached pic.HH-Jarman? ? ?

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