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Mug Shots is a photo forum reserved solely for appropriate images of members and their families and friends.

Photos of an explicit, provocative, controversial, or offensive nature are expressly prohibited.

Photos may not be posted with accompanying comments which are inappropriate or suggestive.

Insulting, offensive, demeaning, or suggestive posts by other members in response to Mug Shots photos are also prohibited.

Due to continuing and increasing abuses, many photos and posts are now being removed– a process which will require careful review and considerable time to complete. Please do not contact moderators about the status of any photos or posts in Mug Shots. We cannot and will not respond to special requests or complaints in this regard. Your patience is appreciated.

TreasureNet reserves the right to edit, delete, or move any images or text in Mug Shots without prior notification or explanation.

Please DO NOT start a totally different subject...this thread is for Mug Shots Only.

This policy is not subject to members' approval, and this thread is therefore being locked. Please do not attempt to debate or comment on this policy, either in Mug Shots or anywhere else on TreasureNet. Failure to comply with this notice will be considered a violation of stated policy and terms of use.

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