Nice day so far to start the week at our summer home in Cape Coral


Relic Recovery Specialist
Dec 5, 2008
NW Arkansas
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Fisher F75 SE/LTD2, minelab Etrac, whites classic id, spectrum xlt, fisher f7, fisher 1266, king of all Tesoro Cibola, Tesoro Vaquero, Fisher 1280-X, minelab equinox, Fisher F75+ Garrett AT MAX
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Relic Hunting
Been looking to do some underwater detecting right behind the house in the river that feeds into the ocean, just haven’t done it yet. Waiting till tomorrow, and gotta do some shopping with my oldest daughter and mom first. Then my brother and I are going to take the detectors out for their paces and also try to find some spots that have been dug up on the outskirts of town that may have some Native American artifacts. Went to the local Native American place and spoke with them and found out about some places around here where stuff has been found, and then we got to talking about detecting. I sure miss BigWaveDave out here in Fort Myers. I wish he was still here so we all could go detecting in town or on the beach. For now, I’m relaxing on the back covered patio by the pool and listening to the crickets. Maybe someone local will wanna go, I was trying to get Brandon from Adventure Archeology to go, or do some digging in Alabama on the way back since I saw him at the hunt in Arkansas. Gotta make it back in time for Beau(Aquachigger) to come detect with us at some of our sites. If anyone is wanting to go, you can text me 479-883-2386 if they have some spots around Cape Coral, Fort Myers, or anywhere along our path back home, and we’ll gladly share our spots back home. Talk to you all tomorrow😎


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