Old home sites?


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Feb 5, 2013
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I live in an area that has quite a few remaining old home sites. You can tell where the homes used to be because its surrounded by trees and could make out the dirt road. My question is, how to you go about finding the owner when its just surrounded by a field and nobody ever around? I'd love to hit these sites before they are bought out and more construction begins, but I find it hard to locate and owner and get permission. If anyone has any clue as to what would be my best bet please leave a reply. Thank you.

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Go on a GIS site or something similar and look up the owner of the property and contact them if it's private. If it's county city or park owned and nothing is posted have at it!

Check with the county tax office, they have the records of who owns everything.

I would knock on the closest door to the site first.Star there and work your way down.Most the times locals should know somthing ,if you look long enough ,you should come across someone with information. good luck!!

I live near an old town where there was a civil war battle and old houses exist. I've tried door to door in a few places and usually between the sidewalk and the street is OK to search. You might be surprised to find if you offer a owner half of the finds how many you'll get to hunt. I even invite the owner to come with me. I have offered to let them dig. And just mention that you are cleaning their property of trash. You just never know how people will react. You'll never know till you ask. Good luck.

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