Ordered A 14” x 11” DD Reaper Searchcoil For The APEX And Tried It Out....."WOW"


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Mar 21, 2005
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Garrett- Master Hunter CX,Infinium, 1350, 2500, ACE 150-water converted 250, GTA 500,1500 Scorpion, AT Pro
I am a great fan of the AT Series for general hunting needs in my local. I have always enjoyed it's sensitivity and ID/audio abilities. Someone suggested I try the Reaper coil on the APEX for similar results. Well, after about an hours worth of playing with the controls, changing frequencies etc. I was very impressed. Now I have never really been a fan of large coils, however, this coil works great! It balances well with the APEX ergonomically, remains sensitive to tiny objects and really bangs hard on the higher conductors like silver and copper. I presume it gets better depth due to it's size and other previous user's comments, but at this point that's not an issue for me. This coil, combined with the ability to change frequencies/multi-frequencies is a great fit! I am going to do several more hunts to see how well it does.


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Jun 18, 2022
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Got it👍 I'll keep an 👁️ out for updates

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