Our first treasure finds. Please dont laugh to loud.


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Nov 13, 2014
Atco, NJ
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Our first treasure finds. Please don't laugh to loud.

Well, here we go on our first treasure hunt. Of course the dinging was a thrill. and what did we find:


A window sash weight and crushed: Miller, Pepsi and Bush cans.

No one said this is work! :occasion14: :icon_scratch:


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Hang in there Dennis..the good stuff cometh.:laughing7:

Just gotta learn its language.

GOD Bless


I still dig the occasional beer can. It happens. Soon you will be able to recognize that it's a can and decide if you want to dig it or not. Also, you are sure to start finding coins, jewelry and other goodies soon! Keep at it!

Welcome to the addiction! Watch out for that very first coin/jewelry/relic! Because after you find that, there is NO going back!


As others have said keep at it....I've been doing this for over 20 years and about 50% of what I dig is junk....it comes with the territory.

Mind you the keepers you'll eventually find will more than make up for it.

Regards + HH


Keep at it Dennis. It won't take long to figure out that the really loud signals are surface trash. Go slow and listen for smaller, deeper signals and you'll start coming up with the goodies. We all start out digging trash and the most experienced of us still dig some trash knowing that sometimes it's masking a good coin.

dig clean hits that don't growl to iron, if you get a strong hit, raise the coil about 6 " and if it still hits strong--keep walkin'. quick way to tell if an 80-82 hit is a dime or copper penny is how small the footprint is. dime walks off fast and penny will drop off slower. I do the "wiggle" pinpoint method-- when hit ends as you wiggle coil towards you the target is directly below the front tip of the coil. the ATPro can be mastered fast-- run in Pro Zero at 2 bars down. short slow swings and hover all hits to eliminate anything under 46 unless you like tin foil and iron. know the site-- a 61 can be a pulltab AND a roundball. 67 can be a bottle cap AND an IH. practice, dig, learn, repeat_______

Dennis - Don hit it on the head. I still dig quite a bit of trash as I'm not that seasoned yet. But, with my limited experience, I have also found that things that are blasting signals are either surface trash or something that was just dropped and it on top of the ground. I've been advised to dig almost everything and I do unless I am really stretched for time and don't anticipate the ability to get back to it. Keep hunting...Brad

.... hover all hits to eliminate anything under 46 unless you like tin foil and iron.....

I like and understand all your tips. I've learned them the hard way. :) But, I'm uncertain about this one. Just not sure what you're meaning. Sounds similar to my technique for foil as well, just curious.

The AT Pro was bang 97-99 percent, like a silver jackpot, and yes the cans were near the surface. Learning is fun.

I always check the hole after digging a can, because I find stuff under them. Oh and I would also check inside the can in case they put money in it. Not bad for a learning experience and let the addiction begin.

Aluminum has a value. Maybe you can save enough to recycle. The only metals I save are copper, brass, and lead. Sometimes you have to dig the trash in order to uncover the goodies that were being masked by the trash. The more you swing the coil, the better you will get. Just remember, if you want to pull gold, you will have to dig the solid mid tones.

That's the Trifecta of beverage cans!! Lol. But seriously, you can't find if you don't look. Every single member on here has dug countless amounts of the same trash. But hang in there, and learn the machine. Research is key too. Stay the course, because this hobby can really deliver on magical moments. And when you have that first one, you're hooked for life. Cheers.

Dennis you will learn something with every signal you dig. Every time will teach you about depth, target size, and composition. Don't get discouraged and remember the big banging loud signals close to the surface are usually not keepers. It's the smaller nice tight signals that are down a bit that will put the goods in your pouch....that said you just need to put yourself on the right sites and dig them all. Good luck buddy

Here I call the window weights Fishing weights or Anchors :tongue3:
all of them I found were in a Lake Bottom .

as for the cans, Look at the Bright sides.

You won't dig those 3 again & Aluminum is up 0.0034 cent a pound :thumbsup:


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Good start!

One time I was digging can signals pulling 16oz cans. Dug another can signal and pulled an 8-reale. Needless to say I dig can can signals.

Keep it up!

Good start!

One time I was digging can signals pulling 16oz cans. Dug another can signal and pulled an 8-reale. Needless to say I dig can can signals.

Keep it up!

Yep ! Last year I got a Walking Half thinking I was digging a Can.
I've also found coins under Crushed cans.
because of their size they can Hide allot.
even coins and things 8" to the side of them.

I feel your pain. I have been at this going on my 3rd season. I was finding a lot of trash when I first started. I also found a lot of shallow clad. I primarily hunt parks in my town. When I first started I would get frustrated by the trashy park. I wanted to throw my detector. But the people here encouraged me and told me that I needed to learn to walk before I could run. That I should use my detector and listen to what it is telling me. I also should stay away from trashy areas until I was comfortable. Use discrimination at first until I learned what the target ID was for each target. Then to distinguish deep targets from shallow. Learn what my settings do to improve performance. Learn how to dig a proper plug. And to take in all the information and videos of people using my same machine. It has paid off for me, and I know it will for you too, with patience and practice. My only regret is that I did not start this hobby earlier. I am hooked for life.

My advice is to go to a school on a Sunday. Any school, does not have to be old. You will surely find a lot of clad coins. Once you know the sounds and numbers, you are on your way. A good signal is unmistakable. I would just leave it on the factory setting and hunt in pro coin and jewelry. It takes many hours to learn your machine. You will find pull tabs and cans. We all do. I do have to say that some of my best finds have been lousy signals. Just had to dig to see what they were. Good luck, you will love it. AND, hunt your yard!

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