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Nov 28, 2017
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Hi. So I have these rocks. 2 of them I have already taken to a museum along with a few other mineral specimens and spoke with a geologist about them. He hurriedly pushed both of them to the side and said they were the same thing and jumped into looking at some of the more shiny crystal specimens. When he finished he informed me the first two were just common slag, which I had already suspected but wanted a professionals opinion. He said that meteorites do not contain the spherical metal bleb that was apparent in the small, polished windows I had made before meeting with him. A bit bummed out, I thanked him for his time and took them home and to have a bit of fun with a tile saw. This is what I found in the first one.

-This is one half of the rock. The other half is very similar in size and shape
-heavy for its size
-This images show specimen with a 1200 grit polish
-Grinding produces black powder with shiny flecks. Powder is very magnetic leaving little to no dust behind when magnetically pick up.
-Powder crackles a few times and burns green/blue for a few seconds when introduced to flame
-smells of sulphur upon grind.
-Image 3 shows polished surface with 5 days of oxidization on metal blebs. Metals oxidize at different rates although, when freshly polished, appear the same color with 10x loupe.
-Image 3 and 7 show white(ish) mineral mixed in, the metal is the is the orange/brown and black in pic 3 (see left side bleb on outer edge for reference), and black in pic 7.
-Image 8 shows a freshly polished piece - Notice how all metal appears the same in color*


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