possible cache markers found in Utahs great salt lake desert?


Oct 2, 2017
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I was out wandering the desert of western utah when i came upon this ring of rocks. It was around 10 feet in diameter had no sign of fire use, and had 2 rocks not from the area stacked in the middle (pictured), the top rock seems to be arrow shaped. 100 yards from this circle hidden behind an outcropping i came upon an old post with a can nailed to it. The rock outcropping also seems to have an interesting pointy shape on the top left. 50-75 yards from this first post, further up into the hills, i found a second post but with a larger can nailed to hit. I tried grabbing the can and it fell apart in my hands.

I am 100% newb to treasure signs. As it was these signs that have begun my journey into the hobby. Is it possible i have found some markers? Also, any utahns? i'm looking for a partner.


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