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Aug 4, 2013
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AT PRO, Fisher F2
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Hey Jeff, I’ve got one! Yesterday a friend of a friend contacted me that his glasses had been lost while laying down pine straw in his yard. He came and picked up my detectors later on but was unable to find them. I had time today, so I drove over to his house and began detecting the area. Within 3 minutes Id found them at waist height where they’d been snagged out of his pocket by a branch! No wonder he couldn’t find them 😂😂 the gentleman and his wife were beyond grateful :)


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Jun 26, 2008
Yarnell, AZ
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Ace 250 (2), Ace 300, Gold Bug 2, Tesoro Cortes, Garrett Sea Hunter, Whites TDI SL SE, Fisher Impulse 8, Minelab Monster 1000, Minelab CTX3030, Falcon MD20, Garrett Pro-pointer, Calvin Bunker digger.
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Metal Detecting
Did you Return a Ring to it's Owner ?

If you Did...

#1. Did You Post the Find when you Found It ?

#2. Did You Return The Item to its Owner ?

#3. Do You Have any Photographic Proof of this, Posted to your Thread ? (this can Consist of A picture of the Owner, A Thank you Letter, Newspaper Article or anything else to Show it was returned)

If You can Answer Yes to all 3 of these Conditions above...

I want the Link to your Post, so I can Include it in Our Honorable Members... Where members of distinction are honored.

Thank You !
Hey Jeff! How are ya? Can you tell me why my honorable mention is no longer listed in my avatar area? Is there a time limit here? Tnx. ╦╦ç

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