Potterville NY Ghost Town

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Nov 29, 2005
Potterville: Located in Ulster County. Near Wawarsing, heading up Lundy's Road off of 209 in Napanoch. Bridge and dirt road accessible by foot only. Reportedly
haunted, as a murderer was caught and hung and several people started dying for no apparent reason afterwards.

Potterville was established sometime in the 19th Century and that there was a lumber mill there, owned by a Mr. Francis Potter, that burned down. Presumably, this was the sole employer and income source for the town folks; since it dried up, people began leaving the place. In 1927, there was a horrendous flood, which accelerated the exodus. There also occurred a horrible murder there; a man killed each member of his family and then pulled the trigger on himself. This gave rise to the legend that restless ghosts roam Potterville.
This website chronicles some recent pictures of Potterville by Alexander Sosiak and Robert Ruggiero. Alexander had heard the legend of Potterville in his youth when he visited friends in a nearby town. The friends had always promised to take him to see Potterville, but for some reason the subject only came up on party nights so the friends were usually too scared or drunk to make the trip. Finally, in June of 2001, Alexander decided the time was now to visit Potterville. He made the trip on a rented mountain bike. It was a beautiful late spring day; perfect for taking pictures. In October 2002, Robert found and read the online write-up and pictures of Potterville. Robert grew up in neighboring Ellenville, NY but never realized until very recently that this place ever existed, not to mention Lundy Road. So inspired was Robert by Alexander's article that he decided to drive down to Wawarsing on an November afternoon, even though it was raw with snow flurries. Robert parked his car adjacent to the Lundy Mansion entrance and hiked on foot up to Potterville (about three miles) to check the place out for himself. Disappointingly, instead of buildings he found virtually nothing. Robert was told by the local news media that the Town of Wawarsing Highway Department came up in August, 2001, two months after Alexander made his mountain bike and photographic sojourn, and razed the whole place to the ground. Reportedly it was because the owners of the plot that Potterville stands on owed back taxes. Robert would have loved to seen these relics. Robert documented his trip on Lundy Road and what was left of Potterville. The Potterville Bridge that enters the town still stands. It is comprised of four large diameter steel culvert pipes laid adjacent to one another. The big gash that was depicted in the June 2001 photo has since been filled in with crushed stone, probably by the Town of Wawarsing Highway Department when they launched their invasion.

5 Nov, Warren D. POTTER, 24, & Sarah C. HOWELL, 19, both of Potterville, NY
Methodist Episcopal Church
Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey
Frank J. Potter, a native of Ellenville, was president of the village and a merchant of success. For twenty-five years he was president of the Ulster County Agricultural Society. He was also president of the Beaver Dam Club. His family founded the town of Potterville, Ulster County.
Tioga County News.
March 22, 1900

E. D. MANCHESTER of Potterville made a pleasure trip to Owego on
Sunday. - Towanda Review

Lots of Photo at
http://www.potterville.org/Potterville Proper.htm

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Gypsy Heart

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Nov 29, 2005


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