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Jan 20, 2007
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hi all,

I have a question for y'all:

How would you tell your yard about a difference in weight for tin/steel?

This weekend I got a chance to haul the scrap for where I work. They just fixed the digital scale here. verything weighed 1,000 pounds. I got 860 pounds of metal from the yard scales and when I weighed the barrel to give back to work it came to 120 pounds. I lost 40 pounds @ .125 cents per pound.

Are these big scales they use at the yard that accurate?
I've been going to this yard almost every weekend for the last year, and other times before that. They're very helpful to me, I'd hate to think they've been taking a few pounds off every load.

What would you guys do?

Thank you in advance for your replies


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Aug 6, 2006
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Ask them when was the last time they had the scale calibrated and look for or aks to see the calibration sticker. If that scale is wrong it's called theft.

No they are not accurate, and can be easily tampered with. The state of California has a department called The Department of Weight and Measures and they regulate all scales like that, they regulate everything from supermarket veggie scales to gas pumps. They also place certification sticker on all devices, and the vendors are subject to surprise inspections. Your state should have a department like that too.

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