Quick Opinion Of The White's MX7 After A week Of Solid Hard Use

Bill G

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Jan 8, 2006
I decided to down size my detector collection after buying a new house with less storage area than my old one. Downsizing getting ready to retire in a few more years.

I just traded my White's M-6 as well as a couple of Tesoro units for a New White's MX7 with all the coil options along with a new set of Pro Star headphones. I also sold my Garrett AT Pro a few months back. Now I have just one inland detector and one White's TDI Beach Hunter PI for salt water beach hunting.

MX7 performance in the field.

I took the detector to an old Ghost Town area from the mid to late 1800 in the mountains. I also took it to a big camp site area in the mountains next to a man made lake built in 1953. The Ghost Town area was high in man made iron trash and the lake camping area has a lot of hot rocks. Both of these areas are highly mineralized reading 79 to 84 after balancing.

The MX7 has an awsome and smooth threshold the reject volume feature is really cool and proved to be a valuable tool. The detector ground balanced quick and easy and handled the iron trash as well as any detector I have used and a lot better than a few of them.

It found several buttons and small rivets at the length of my digger 7" to 8" with ease useing the smaller 6" concentric as well as the Deteck 7" DD that White's sells for it. The DD really shined in the minralized ground.

The MX7 handled the hot rocks at the lake area nicely to. A little less gain in this area smoothed things out and to my surprise the depth remained very good. I found a fair amount of clad quarters,dimes, copper pennies, zinks and a 1944 wheat.

The MX7 gets really good depth and it performed exceptionally well better than many high end units I have run in these same areas. I hate to say it but the MX7 hunted circles around my AT Pro in the same areas.

I was super impressed with the White's MX7 and I think this detector is a real sleeper. I really think after comparing it to the many other top end units I have had and used over the years that it will hunt with the best of the detectors out there to date.

The MX7 is IP54 dust and water resistant so it can be soaked pretty good but not taken under water like the MX Sport. For my needs that is way more than enough.

All The Best To Everyone,
Bill G

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Excellent review, thank you for posting.

thanks for the great review.

Thank you for sharing...enjoy the machine! :occasion14:

Very good write up! I have one question, is the 7inch coil the same weight as the six shooter coil?

Very good write up! I have one question, is the 7inch coil the same weight as the six shooter coil?

I do not know the exact weight of each coil. I can tell you the Six Shooter 6” coil is a little lighter than the Deteck 7"coil. Both coils are very balanced and easy to swing on the MX7.

On another note I did not mention in my review that the Garrett Z Link wireless system works awesome on the MX7. You can see the Garrett Z Link receiver mounted to the MX7 in the one pic below.

All The Best,
Bill G


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Good post appreciate it

Hi Bill,
I know that this is an old thread but where did you find your covers for your MX7?

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