radio shack 1/4" 24k gold plated


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May 8, 2014
Pcola fl
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Fisher cz6a,,,Fisher cz-20,,,,Teknetics gamma 6000,,"Tek Eurotek pro ,,Fisher gold bug s.e 2.9er,,Tek T2 ltd se,,Tek T2+,,Minelab Vanquish 540 and the awesome 340
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Metal Detecting
90 deg. headphone jacks being clearancedn @ .27 cents,,regular price $7-8 :thumbsup:

I bought all 5 they had,greek series really need them or headphones with 90 deg. end already on them,also nice on my cz6a as now i can turn it to the left instead of across my arm.
Item #274-902
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Jun 20, 2014
Granite, Maryland
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Teknetics Omega 8000
Teknetics Delta 4000,
Deteknix XPointer,
Fiskar's Big Grip Digger & my old Army Trench shovel for the tough jobs
Primary Interest:
Metal Detecting
Sweet deal.
I'll check out my Rat Shack and see if they're selling any at that price. We can always use good stuff at great prices.
I've actually been using a set of Apple ear buds I carry in my pocket but only use them when I have to due to background noise. They work fine for me.

I have a pair of really nice Sennheiser headphones but hate using them. I like to hunt as light as I can as much as possible.


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