Rare, Fish & Bubbles, Green Frankoma Platter


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Apr 14, 2010
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:hello: Hi everyone! I recently purchased a Frankoma dish, platter or chop plate in someone's storage unit that I can't find out much about. I think it must be pretty rare. It is green and measures 14 3/4" in diameter and has a neat 1950's/60's retro stylized spaceship shaped fish & bubble design. It's in very good condition with no chips/cracks. There are a few glaze pops. I think it is the red Sapulpa clay. Marked FRANKOMA 820 on bottom. Any info. would be appreciated!

IMG_2779 (640x480).jpgIMG_2780 (640x480).jpgIMG_2781 (640x480).jpgIMG_2782 (640x480).jpgIMG_2783 (640x480).jpgIMG_2784 (640x480).jpg

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It's hard for people to help identify an item without photos

Ha, ha, WIT! I guess it would be. Thanks for reminding me, I got in a hurry and forgot!:tongue3:

Thanks Beth & Digummup for the info! I've found lots of Frankoma pieces over the years, but never a piece like this one. The design was so unusual. Thanks for posting the links too. God Bless!

I see a fare amount of Frankoma here in mountain states. I never buy it, but know there are some to keep an eye out for like the ones with the Leopard mark. That I'm still looking for. I really like the one you found. I've never seen it before.

Being as this thread is almost 2 years old, I'm going to say no...
Wow! I never even looked at that. Well there you have it, a refresher on Fankoma pottery. Don't forget to check them guys out.

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