really "hooked" on this hobby

leslie(nova scotia)

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Sep 22, 2006
lower sackville,nova scotia
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Garretts only
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All Treasure Hunting
After doing the flea market thingie and making a few extra "bob" for the UK trip hit a few fields. Then my Freedom 3 crapped out so out came the Seahunter MK11 and into the drink this bouy did frolic. You can see by the second row of finds why I say I'm "hooked" on this hobby. These were found in a heavily used swimming area. 12 over quota, a Bic that can still flick and a dog tag from the "Nova Scotia' Contingent of the Boy Scouts. Unfortunately no key to the handcuff chain. Done out big time. Time for a beer while watching the C.W.S. and Blue Jays...............heaven from the living room lazy bouy!

As for the Pro...they cut me a break on the repairs........totalled $65 Canadian which is cheaper than a new machine. Begged and grovelled......never again. Apparently it was the rubber damaged whereas the male plug in (coil) was not put in right and damaged the female receptor. Looking here and there to see what I'll buy for a new machine.:icon_scratch:

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Jun 24, 2012
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M-6, pro pointer, pistol probe
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All Treasure Hunting
Nice! I like the little hand cuffs.

At lest the repair didn't cost you an arm & leg.
I don't have a back,up machine.
Mine goes down & i go nuts!

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